Senator Delph runs mock election at Primrose School in Carmel

Article VIII of our Indiana State Constitution grants the Indiana General Assembly the duty to ensure a uniform public education system. All state legislators must take an oath to support, preserve, and defend this document and our resulting system. Contrast that state enumerated duty with no mention of public education in the U.S. Constitution. We need to do all that we can both within government and outside government to help inspire young people toward academic excellence. We also need to be mindful that there is very little else that government is involved in that has more control over the family than the school calendar and day. Families with school age children orient their lives around the public school calendar and day. Parents must have a seat at the table with input when these decisions are made.

We have to push more dollars into the classroom and reward and lift up outstanding teachers and educators. Ultimately our education system is a key economic driver in Indiana. No longer do we just have to compete with neighboring states. We have to compete with countries like India, China, and Germany just to name a few. Wasteful and opulent local construction projects now have a referendum requirement to allow direct input from taxpayers. Creative thinking with collaboration and cooperation across interest groups is necessary to move Indiana education into the 21st century. Furthermore, we need to foster a culture of life-long learning. If a child’s parents can’t read, that child probably will not have strong support at home to learn. We need to help educate those parents as well. Learning doesn’t start when you enter the classroom, nor should it stop when you leave it. Lastly and certainly not least, alternative modes of education should be allowed for parents who seek the best choice or option for their kids. We must always focus on the best interests of our children.