Senator Delph writing constituents on Senate Floor

There is a deep political divide regarding the government's role in the economy. I agree with the old adage, “that government which governs best, governs least.”  I have served as a Senate conference advisor for each of the past three budgets, and would seek to do so again in order to pass an honestly balanced budget, without tricks or accounting gimmicks. This requires ingenuity and tough decision making. It's a challenge I welcome. 

Raising taxes is not an option as government must learn to live within its means just like every Hoosier family is required to do. I will work tirelessly to reduce regulation and red tape that restrain the private sector from innovating and creating jobs. Government does not create jobs, but it does establish an economic environment which can either promote or inhibit job growth. I will work toward creating a positive economic climate of less taxation, less regulation, and less litigation while we have the appropriate amount of investment in infrastructure, roads, schools, and broadband for example.