Mike Delph

An Independent Leader Putting Hoosiers First

Vote Tuesday, November 6th

About Mike Delph

Family Man
Husband and proud father of 5 daughters.

Army Reservist
Mike is a decorated Major in the Army Reserves.

Local Leader
Mike is a proven leader who always puts Hoosiers’ interests first.

Serving Hoosiers with Honesty & Integrity

Growing Our Economy
Mike Delph is focused on lowering taxes and cutting regulations to create more jobs and better wages in Indiana.

Improving Education
Mike is increasing funding for schools, ensuring teachers are well-paid and giving parents more choices for their children’s education.

Fighting the Drug Epidemic
Mike is providing more access to addiction treatment, cracking down on the over-prescription of opioids and enacting tougher penalties for heroin dealers.

Holding Government Accountable
Mike has stood up to the special interests and his party’s leadership to put our best interests first.

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